About Pack On The Go

Pack On The Go is your go-to contents source in the time of need.

After a catastrophic loss, you may experience confusion and despair. You look at your home and think “I can rebuild.”

But what about your belongings? Where do you start to assess what is salvageable and what is not? What do you do about your prized possessions?

That is where we come in.

Pack On The Go is one of the industry’s most respected contents management companies.

Our customers include:

  • Homeowners
  • Insurance Carriers
    • Desk Adjusters
    • Field Adjusters
  • Restoration Companies
  • Public Adjusters
  • Independent Adjusters
  • Insurance Adjusters

Pack On The Go was founded by Nick Ford in 2005 as a personalized packing and shipping service for private estates, auction galleries and retail locations throughout South Florida. A one man business with one small truck that built out as a mobile packing station. Nick would pick up fine art, antiques and other household goods, full pack them and process the shipments in the back of his box truck – hence the name, Pack On The Go.

One year later, Nick started receiving requests to move furniture and a variety of large accessories. Noticing a void of honest and reliable local moving and shipping companies in South Florida, Pack On The Go obtained the required licenses, insurance and permits and began operating as a moving and shipping company.

In 2008, Nick refocused the company’s efforts into relocation. While not abandoning packing and shipping, Pack On The Go expanded its reach to include servicing the east coast of the United States.

Not long after, Pack On The Go developed an outstanding reputation for careful and diligent packing, moving and storing. Restoration companies and insurance carries took notice and approached Pack On The Go to handle their pack-outs. Once again, Nick saw an opportunity in the marketplace and refocused the company’s business to contents.

Today, Pack On The Go is a leader in contents management. The company continues to grow, in size, warehouse space and coverage area. We have dedicated teams in South, Central and West Florida ready to deploy at a moment’s notice due to a residential or commercial property loss.