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Pack On The Go is your contents source in times of need.

After a catastrophic event, many people will experience confusion and despair, and look at their home and think “I can rebuild.”

But what about belongings? What to do about prized possessions?

That is where we come in.

Pack On The Go handles every step of pack-out processes ensuring a stress-free experience, as our team of highly-trained technicians and content restoration specialists pack-out, store, restore and pack-back your most prized possessions.

What We Do…

Packed Box

Complete Pack-Outs

We pack-out all your items, store them & return them to their exact location.

Cleaning & Restoration

We restore your damaged belongings back to their previous condition.

Air Conditioned Storage

Secure State-of-the-art facilities maintained by our dedicated team.

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We Are The Contents Pro

At Pack On The Go, we do a lot more than just pack items in boxes, store and return boxes… Here is our unique Contents Management process:

We do all this to provide our customers with something quite precious: Peace of mind.


Pack On The Go uses iCat’s modern contents management software for all of our services: pack outs, content restoration, and storage.

iCAT contents management enables Pack On The Go to process household contents through the use of asset tracking software and mobile applications.

iCat offers inventory control, management, and transparency via an all-in-one application, and it is your go-to contents source in times of need.

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