Senior Relocation Services

Senior Relocation Services

Moving Seniors With Care

Family Helping Grandmother Move

There comes a time in life when our senior aged loved ones become older and need to move from their home to another location. This is often a difficult and stressful time for the senior person as well as their family. Pack on the Go specializes in moving seniors with compassion and patience.

We carefully pack up their belongings and ship whatever items to family members. We then deliver furniture and belongings to the senior's new location and place everything where requested.

Moving an elderly loved one will often involve downsizing. This is where discussions within the family are crucial, and can be emotional. Getting an early start will help relieve the stress in the end. Having honest and open discussions with your family about what items are to be kept, what will be given to family members, donated, or disposed of will save you an enormous amount of stress and time when the move date approaches.

Our goal is to make the move as easy and simple as possible and make sure your senior family member is comfortable at their new location. We have moved in and out of several different adult communities in South Florida, and through these experiences, we have fostered relationships and are familiar with the layouts of many of the facilities, their requirements and their staff.

Before the Relocation

Organization and more organization – it is the most important factor and will make the move much smoother and stress free. Categorize your items into categories: keep, donate, give to family, or disposal. Colored tags or sticky notes are a great tool to help you organize. Try to dispose of any trash items each day and arrange for periodic donation pickups or drop-offs to help make the task less overwhelming.

During the Relocation

We don't want to come in and overwhelm you or your loved ones. We take a compassionate approach to handling all the items with the care and respect they deserve. That said, for a senior watching all of their belongings being packed and moved to our trucks, it can be stressful. We understand that customers want to watch the process, but sometimes it is beneficial to remove your loved one from the situation. Take them shopping, to lunch, a movie…anywhere that you feel will help relieve the anxiety of the move.

After the Relocation

After we have placed every item where you want them to go, take time to show your loved one where the familiar items are located. Make them feel as comfortable as possible in their new environment, point out pieces that you know are cherished, possibly introduce yourself to neighbors to get acclimated.

Tips to Help Your Senior Relocation Go Smoothly

Pack on the Go specializes in full service moves, including the packing, moving, disposal, shipping of items, or bringing items to organizations that accept donations - however if you are packing items on your own with your loved ones, here are a few suggestions you can follow:

  • Start planning early, well before your moving date.
  • Try and make a floor plan for your new location – this will help give an idea of what furniture will be able to fit, and what items need to be re-located.
  • Do a little bit at time. Packing can be overwhelming, especially to seniors who are moving from their long-time house into independent or assisted living.
  • Start with areas that are not regularly used. Then move on to rooms that have a lot of smaller, clutter items (ex. Kitchen, office) first and work your way out to the rest of the rooms that have large furniture.
  • Take time to allow them to reminisce – each item is a memory for them, and also for you.

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