Moving Your Son or Daughter to College

Moving a Son or Daughter to College

We Can Help During This Exciting, Emotional Time

Moving your son or daughter to college can be an exciting and emotional time. You're proud that your child has graduated high school and is confident enough to strike out on their own as they cross the threshold into adulthood. Yet, you're also a little misty-eyed at the idea that your baby, now mature enough to take care of themselves (according to them at least), is no longer sleeping in that familiar bedroom just down the hall or up the stairs.

Sure, you may have quite a lot to unpack emotionally, but one thing you don't want to have to worry about is packing your son or daughter's belongings! We believe that in the weeks before your college-bound kid's departure you have much better things to spend time on than taping and hauling boxes, moving furniture, and renting trucks. That's what we're here for. If you haven't considered it yet, here are a few reasons that you should hire Pack On The Go to help move your son or daughter off to college.

Moving Requires More Gear Than Expected

If you've ever moved yourself or a friend you know how moving jobs always seem to require more equipment and more resources than anyone thinks at the outset. Oftentimes the truck isn't quite big enough, you don't have enough boxes, don't have enough tape, you can't find a dolly, or didn't realize that you would need furniture pads and tie-downs to adequately protect all of your belongings. If like most people, you only move or help people move about once a year (maybe more if you drive a pickup), you have no reason to keep a stockpile of moving supplies. Anyone who goes to the store to buy these supplies at moving time becomes the victim of outrageous retail markups. The natural reaction to this is to under-buy to stay on budget. Of course, this backfires though when you find yourself making lots of little trips back to the store to get more boxes and more tape. Let's not even get started on what happens when you rent the wrong sized truck (extra trips = more fuel, mileage charges, longer days, yikes!)

The solution is to hire professionals like Pack On The Go. Packing and moving is our business, and we can scale to match the size of any move. Even a small move like moving to college can be full of surprises. We will always have the right size vehicle, the right amount of boxes, and the right specialized tools to get the job done without wasting time and money on trips to the store. Plus, you don't have to lift a finger if you don't want to. It's the ultimate win-win.

Hiring Movers Can Help Prevent Family Arguments

Most people know from experience that moving can chew through one's patience faster than a swarm of termites on a 2x4. Emotions are running especially high when your son or daughter is headed off to college for the first time. This gets compounded when you throw logistical problems and late-summer manual labor into the mix. The last thing you want to be doing as you prepare to say goodbye for the semester is dealing with tired, hungry, and irritated family members that are shocked to learn packing takes more than an hour. Your family should arrive on campus in high spirits, ready for your student to start a new chapter in their life. Nothing can spoil the mood like a grumpy kid, or a grumpy dad, or a grumpy mom.

When Pack On The Go takes care of the move for you, you can be sure that moving won't be the cause of any grumpiness. For each move, we provide you with a moving preparation checklist. This ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to readiness for moving day. No surprises. Even if your new college student is just moving across town, we make sure that you know what to expect and how to be prepared to make the move as efficient and frictionless as possible. We think of everything from logistics to labeling to manpower and parking. As they say, "you don't know what you don't know," and those little surprises that you didn't see coming are what will cause headaches and tension in the family. You've got enough to worry about right now. Let us ask the questions and find the solutions.

Moving is Less Expensive Than You Might Think

We often hear that people think hiring professional movers will be too expensive. But the truth is that when all of the costs of packing materials, specialized tools, truck rental, fuel, and time are added together, professional movers can be just as cost effective, if not more economical than doing it yourself. When you account for the reduced stress and additional quality-time that you'll be able to spend with your soon-to-be college freshman the cost/benefit analysis becomes a no-brainer.

An added bonus that comes with hiring Pack On The Go is that we are fully licensed and insured. This means that if your property or 3rd party property is damaged by us during the move it's covered by our insurance. If you accidentally drop your own TV down the stairs, you're probably on your own. Though we take pride in packing and handling all property with extreme care, hiring insured movers alone could save you a bundle.

We Answer the Phones 24/7

College moves tend to be smaller than most other moves, and we can scale to fit the job. You can request a quote anytime on our website, or better yet call us at (954) 800-6800. Our phones answer 24/7, so it's never a bad time to get in touch. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable and convenient professional Pack On The Go movers can be to help get your son or daughter off to college.

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