Estate Division

Estate Division

Taking Care of Your Loved One's Belongings After They Pass

When someone in your family passes away, there are a number of things that need to be taken care of. These duties get done quietly and with somber respect, but they are done. Someone has to plan the funeral, someone has to be the will executor, and in many cases, a relative steps up to adopt an orphaned pet. After a certain amount of time passes, the estate is legally distributed but there still remains the task of addressing the final residence of your deceased relative and making sure everything within is properly taken care of.

Tending To Your Loved One's Belongings

Packing up the home is a necessary tradition in order to complete management of the estate. Not only will the home eventually become a living residence again, but there are usually matters of inheritance to settle. If your relative willed their furniture or other personal possessions to loved ones, these things will need to be carefully packed and delivered to the right people. Other things like clothes or pantry items may have been willed to charity while the primary inheritor will find themselves left to decide how to handle all the sundry items that make up a household but aren't important enough to bequeath.

This is why we offer a respectful pack-out service to relatives of the deceased.

What is a Pack-Out Service?

On the surface, a pack-out service may seem like a moving company. But they are more like personal curators of every item they move out of a build. A pack-out service is a specialized kind of moving service that doesn't assume you want everything thrown into boxes and dumped in a new location. Instead, they are ready to handle each item with care and can follow unique instructions on what to do with the items they pack.

You will most commonly see this kind of company referenced as a pack-out / pack-in service for people renovating their homes. The pack-out service will first record where each item is located, then pack it carefully by wrapping, padding, and barcoding, and taking a picture of each item. They will then store the items in the service's temporary climate-controlled storage. When the renovations are done, the home will be re-built as it was with all the items back in their original positions. Or, at least that's how traditional packing out works.

Helping With Your Task

Pack-out services are also in a unique position to provide assistance to the families of the recently deceased. Many people are overwhelmed by the task of preparing their loved one's home for sale or collecting and distributing all the items listed in their will. This can be a very emotional experience and time-consuming to personally handle and sort each personal item. A pack out service can help you with this by taking care of the physical part of the job.

When you're ready, ask your pack-out service to clear your loved one's home. They will then carefully document, package, and store all the items inside. You will then gain access to an online image inventory of every single item found in the home, each with its own ID number and barcode. From here, you can work with your pack-out service to decide what happens to each item. And, at the same time, you can prepare the home for sale or a new resident while knowing all your loved one's items are safe.

More Than Temporary Storage

The best part about a pack-out service is that it's more than movers and temporary storage. A pack-out service is ready to help you not just inventory and store your loved one's possessions safely, but also decide what to do with them. One of the most useful things a pack-out service can do for you is arranged the shipping of large, bulky, or heirloom items that can't get damaged. This can easily be the best solution for making sure distant relatives get the furniture that was bequeathed to them.

Of course, because you get an image inventory of everything that was found and packed out, you also get an incredible amount of both perspective and control over what wasn't decided in the will. An entire jewelry box of personal pieces or bookshelves full of old classics can be important pieces of nostalgia for family members or treasure troves for collectors. The primary inheritor will likely find themselves with a lot of little decisions to make on what to do with each item. The image inventory can help you and your family decide what should happen to each item, and the service can make sure items are carefully shipped to their final destination.

Remembering Just the Way It Was

The final courtesy a pack out service can do for your family in your time of grief is to make sure the memories of where your loved one's possessions were placed are not lost. Normally, these notes are used to put everything back where it was found after a renovation but for this special pack out service, the diagram can be used to help you and others relive memories of how your loved one kept their home. In fact, if you clean the house and decide to rent it as a historical residence, the pack out service can even put a few things back in their original positions as a memorial to your relative.

No matter what you would like done with your deceased loved one's possessions, a pack out service can help you do so with care and attention to detail. No item will be lost and everything will be treated with the delicacy of an heirloom. With a pack-out service, you can ensure that every inherited item makes it safely to the inheritor and all remaining possessions are cleaned, preserved, and documented before the primary inheritor decides what to do with each item.

If you would like more information on how a pack-out service can help you deal with the necessary duties of this sad event, please contact us today.


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