Pack On The Go Restoration 1500B

Pack Out/Pack Back Day

Pack On The Go Restoration 1500A

Pack On The Go was recently hired to remove all belongings from the first floor of an upscale home in Delray Beach due to water damage. When we arrive to these type jobs, we go to great lengths to take note of the EXACT position of each piece of furniture and all of the decorative items before we remove them. They are carefully packed by our professional team, loaded on the truck and brought to our private and secure air conditioned storage facility. When the problem is solved, we return and carefully place everything back in its original place.




Pack On The Go Restoration 1500C

Our goal in is to create a stress-free situation so when the owner arrives back in their home, it’s like the disaster never happened. If you or someone you know is in need of these type services, we hope you’ll recommend Pack On The Go.